Monday, March 2, 2009

Fullmoon Packages

Fullmoon packages NO LONGER have to stay traditional! 

It's an announcement to the world that u have a new addition to your family! 
& it's only done once! 

Why not do it in style?
with a touch of an 'art of love' perhaps?

Here are samples to take away ur need to think so much :P

Like always, take these as a sample.
Improvise & customize them especially for your lil' one!

Start thinking & creating!

I have 3 themes for you....

To get a quotation, please include these 3 crucial questions

1. When is the baby due?
estimated date

2. Details on the cupcakes 
how many in a box, with/without eggs, the design, etc

3. How many boxes? 
prices vary according to the number of box

Baby Boy Theme

Baby Boy Theme
4 cuppies-in-a-box

Baby Boy Theme
4 cuppies-in-a-box

Baby Boy Theme
4 cuppies + 2 red eggs-in-a-box

Baby fullmoon samples!
6 cuppies-in-a-box

Baby Girl Theme

Baby Girl Theme
4 cuppies-in-a-box

Baby Girl Theme
4 cuppies-in-a-box

Baby Girl Theme
4 cuppies + 2 red eggs-in-a-box

Mix 'n' Match!

Choose your favorites, then MIX 'n' Match it!

1. Baby with pacifier
1. Baby with pacifier

2. Pink bunny!
2. Pink Bunny

3. Sleeping baby
3. Sleeping baby

4. Mr Teddy
4. Mr Teddy

5. Rubber Duckie
5. Rubber duckie

6. Lil Bunny
6. White bunny

7. Milk Bottle
7. Baby Bottle

8. Baby booty
8. Baby Booty

9. Hug Me Teddy
9. Hug-me-Teddy

10. Pretty Bib
10. Baby Bib

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Baby Kai Wen's Fullmoon cupcakes

Mummy Jer Shyan's baby Kai Wen is celebrating his Full Moon! So she requested for lots of cuppies - as gifts :)

lots of teddy cuppies


a set of 3 cuppies

packed in a box ready to go :)

i love the boxes! my cousin helped me make them...

and the most amazing part of the box is.... the ribbons function as the box holder!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Baby Sky Er's Fullmoon Cupcakes

These cupcakes are requested from my cousin-in-law for her lil niece!

Only one set as a gift :)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Baby Bryan's Fullmoon Cupcakes

Full Moon Cupcakes - also my first :) When Caren requested for them, I was very excited to do them... I'll let the pictures tell the story!

My Teddy Factory


Booty Factory


My Cupcake Factory

my 2 santa's lil helper :)



the teddies

the pacifiers



Milk Bottles


Full Moon Cupcakes in a box

The Package

Congratulations Caren on ur baby Bryan's FULL MOON :)